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Of 20 plants selected at random in each map the fields.

Leaf leaf that is observed on the third of which is already open properly
Leaf color monitor that is placed on BWD third from the tip of the leaf. BWD leaf color compared to the scale that best suits the color of leaves was
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BWD has the scale of 2-5 , where the color scale leaves are between 2 and 3 , use the 2.5 if between 3 and 4 use a scale of 3.5 , and if the scale between 4 and 5 use a scale of 4.5 . Good scalability for growth and maximum production of dry pipilan that is over 4 ( four ) .
Examples fertilization using BWD .
Fertilizing I, plants nurtured 50 kg N ( 111 kg urea / ha ) equals P and K fertilizer
Fertilizing II , nurtured crops 75 kg N ( 167 kg urea / ha ) .
Fertilizing III , nurtured plants suitable reading BWD ( 42-45 hst ) .

BWD scale Urea fertilizer dose ( kg / ha ) doses of fertilizer used ( kg / ha )
Hybrids Hybrid Composite Composite
158 4.0 56,436,334
124 4.2 41,402,319
4,4 76 8354286
4.5 31 0309278
Commodity crops including corn is not much need water , but when water deficiency occurs immediately irrigated. Total water use crops affected by air temperature , the wind , the amount of water available in the soil and moisture . Average water use of corn 400-500 ml / season or 6 to 7.5 ml / day .Growth phase maize to irrigation , namely: 1 ) the initial growth phase for 15-25 days, 2 ) phase fegetatif for 25-40 days, 3 ) flowering phase for 15-20 days, 4 ) seed filling phase for 35-45 days and 5 ) maturation phase for 10-25 days. The resilience of water in the rice fields planted with corn to be ground without technology longer than if the soil with perfect technology .
Corn growth phase .
· Important Factors in Aquaculture Hydroponics1 . Element HaraGiving proper nutrient solution in hydroponics is very important , because the media only serves as a means to continue the support of the plant and the excess solution or water .Hara is available for the crop at pH 5.5 - 7.5 , but the best is 6.5 , because in this case the available nutrient elements in the plant . Macro nutrient needed in large numbers and relatively high concentration in solution . Includes macro nutrient elements are N , P , K , Ca , Mg , and S. micro nutrient elements required only in low concentrations , covering the elements Fe , Mn , Zn , Cu, B , Mo , and Cl. Crop nutrient requirements will vary by level and type of crop growth ( Jones , 1991 ) .Nutrient solution made ​​by dissolving the fertilizer salts in the water. Various types of fertilizer salts can be used for nutrient solution , prices and selection generally on the solubility of fertilizer salts .2 . Hydroponic Plant MediaPlanting media type used very influential on the growth and development of plants. Good media make nutrient elements remain available , secure moisture and good drainage . Media used to be able to provide water , nutrients and oxygen and nutrient do not contain substances that are toxic to plants.The materials commonly used as planting media in hydroponics includes sand , gravel , broken bricks , husk charcoal , sponge, and so on . The Agen Judi, Agen Judi Bola, Agen Bola Online, Agen SBObet Terpercaya  materials used as growing media will affect the nature of the media environment . Floor temperature, aeration and moisture between the different media will be the media of the other media , according to the material used as the media .Husk charcoal ( kuntan ) is a black husk fuel produced from incomplete combustion , and has been extensively used to as the commercial planting media in hydroponic systems .

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When I drive odong - odong it feels like there

When I drive odong - odong it feels like there is a loose nuts and bolts . Wheels swaying slightly . I 'll try and fix it myself , " he said , wiping his forehead with a hand full of fat .
Sudarsono operate odong - odongnya the colorful jewelery Poker Online Yang Pertama Dan Terbesar Di Indonesia   starting at 7:00 to 11:00 am , and 15:00 to 17:30 o'clock in the afternoon and most of his customers are women and children who are looking for a low cost eco-tourism , which is also interested in the colorful cartoon paintings on the side of the vehicle and which speakers ring out with the popular kids songs .
But , as time went odong - odongnya also receive other passengers . Klakah rejo very famous for its red light district , and one of the main clients of the prostitutes actually Sudarsono , which he roundtrip for medical examination at a local clinic , twice a week .
Aware of the ever growing number of prostitutes in the neighborhood in the early 1990s , Sudarsono tend to keep away from the business , pursue a career as a carpenter after graduating high school.
But , his salary as a carpenter is insufficient to meet the needs of her family , including her sisters school finance .
That opportunity came in 1994 to become a low-ranking officer in charge of monitoring the health and welfare of the local prostitutes , he does not hesitate to take the job .
By day he works as a carpenter , and at night he became a social worker .
Nineteen years later , Sudarsono more devoted to serving the prostitutes voluntarily deliver them to examine HIV and other sexually transmitted infections .
One of the most difficult aspects of his work involving prostitutes and pimps them about the importance of regular checks , especially since the women were afraid to go alone - a major hurdle for Sudarsono , who for years could only take them on a motorcycle .
" Currently there are 75 in Klakah rejo total of 215 brothel with prostitutes , " he said . " I'm in charge of the clinic to deliver them one by one with my motorcycle . "
Sudarsono receive a small fee , while he still can not cover the cost of his family life .
Although he has been with the government to handle this job for almost 20 years , the status of the "staff of civil servants ' wages and small while but he never got a permanent position or a raise.
Wife Sudarsono , Sukiati , 42 , did not initially agree with her ​​husband's work very closely PSK , but after seeing her husband remained faithful he began to support him .
Because he understands the importance of her work and to see the number
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From the beginning she supports her husband became a volunteer , and he still does not receive a salary for the job , but his involvement is now important for Sudarsono .
As a woman , Sukiati involved dealing with prostitutes , and gradually build their confidence to voluntarily check their health clinic .

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The fact that I find through Feedback

The fact that I find through Feedback I have received from readers. Namely by email, telephone instead there is Mahu met four eyes. Already crowded that I can find, with permission Allah.Semakin crowded that I meet, the more my confidence grew bahawa, crowded out there that actually looks OK not OK.
Crowded forced to pretend and hide the truth of living nature. Essentially still crowded again that you do not understand the nature of sustenance!. It seemed really crowded else is looking for the way how Want to change what they are going through. There also is no longer insured so do not hesitate Silu water drain before my eyes.
For cases that, I need to seriously. I need to mean it. I should not 'wiggle kale' in this book to make sure the target. Agen Judi, Agen Judi Bola, Agen Bola Online, Agen SBObet Terpercaya Gentlemen, I humbly declare my bahawa mensasarkan entire period of three years (05/01/2015) to achieve that vision. Namely that the book 'Easy Pick Sustenance' owned by a million souls. I pray that God will present at least 1,000 people his servants to equally shoulder berganding achieve the Vision. The trick here. I Want to pick up at least 1,000 people who participated Want accompany this struggle. I will train them how to introduce this book to 3-5 people every day. And they get paid to do this. If each person is able to market 3-5 texts a day, or 100 naskhah every month; strength of 1,000 people will make 100,000 people may have this book every month. In the entire period of 10 months 1 million insha-Allah may benefit darinyai. This is his strategy.

Most holy God who has created the creatures in pairs

Most holy God who has created the creatures in pairs. one of the Prophet clue that we should look up is how he built the home. Prophet Muhammad was a successful personal and a reflection of Islamic family, truly VEGAS, mawaddah and mercy. He is a figure of a man who was responsible for his wife and his children. Her husband figure as a benchmark in assessing the goodness of a husband to his wife, as the words of the Prophet Muhammad: khoirukum khoirukum liahlihi wa ana khoirukum liahly, (both suamidi The best among you is the most good to his family, and I was the most excellent among you to my family)

If you're getting the trials and tests of life then just say 'Hasbunallah wanikmal representative' means, 'Allah suffices as a helper for him as best of our protectors. "(Surah Ali-Imran: 173). Then will come the help of Allah to you. The magic of prayer amid the trials was so real. God gives relief for him. That said that when her mother and family slammed with a variety of test trials. His house will be seized by the bank. Stay a few days longer bank officer will conduct a foreclosure. Her family could only cry with sadness. 'I have to be tough, swap sadness with hope' he said. 'The only hope was just praying to God, asking Him for help. besides the AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAobligatory prayers, I pray tahajjud every night until it was already dried up tears. 'sounds heartbreaking sobs.

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reason for using the method of land clearing without burning:

reason for using the method of land clearing without burning: • maintain soil fertility, • ensure the return of nutrients, JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA • preventing soil erosion, and • help preserve the environment.
The impact of the conversion of natural forests into oil palm plantations • Prior to conversion o The high intensity of rainfall in tropical regions is offset by the closure of natural forests so vast  control flooding, erosion, sedimentation and landslides o storehouse of genetic resources and ecosystems support life o trees in natural forests produce a fairly high litter  increase the organic matter content of forest floor  forest floor has a water absorption capacity (infiltration) is much higher than the non-forest land cover. o thick litter layer  increase soil biological activity The impact of the conversion of natural forests into oil palm plantations o lifecycle / replacement tree roots (tree root turnover) are very dynamic in the period  old forest land has many large pores (macroporosity)  forest land has water absorption rate / charging ground water (percolation) is much higher o stratification of natural forests (varied ages and forest canopy height), high litter and undergrowth on the forest land cover is double   effectively controlling rainfall erosivity (rain damaged power), runoff and erosion o the landscape (landscape)  most land use ecologically safe The impact of the conversion of natural forests into oil palm plantations o found very few paths, no irrigation channels and large paved road when big rain  act as drainage channels. o forest biomass  irregular movement of water and sediment filter. o the natural forest do not make land tillage is more susceptible to erosion. o forest in undisturbed conditions are more resistant to drought  non-flammable. The impact of the conversion of natural forests into oil palm plantations • After conversion o  destroy natural forest hab Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia  itat destroyed all the biological wealth of invaluable forest pricing and benefits  change in total natural forest landscape. o damage to the entire ecosystem of the Watershed (DAS) if not done properly o increased surface runoff (surface runoff), landslides, erosion and sedimentation o getting worse, if the land-clearing (after the timber harvested) is done by burning The impact of the conversion of natural forests into oil palm plantations o The grass and undergrowth are constantly going to be cleaned, as it will act as the principal crop weeds. On the other hand, grass and undergrowth is actually a very important role to control the rate of erosion and surface runoff. o The presence of trees are being offset by the creation of litter and undergrowth  increase the rate of surface erosion o The establishment of plantations requires the construction of roads, from the main road to the road inspection, as well as the development of infrastructure (offices, housing), including drainage channels. This condition, if not done properly (usually rightly so)  more rapid rain water flows to downstream  water infiltration is limited and the chances of flooding and landslides will increase The impact of the conversion of natural forests into oil palm plantations o palm tree as fast-growing trees (fast growing species) are known as voracious tree water, which means that this tree has a rate of evapotranspiration (evaporator-sweating) high. Each palm trees require 20-30 liters of water every day  reduce the availability of water especially in the dry season The negative impact on the environment becomes more serious because in practice the development of oil palm plantations not only in the conversion of forest area, but also built on production forests, protected forests, and even in conservation areas which have unique ecosystems and have a high biodiversity value (Manurutng, 2000; Potter and Lee, 1998). SOLUTION • local governments need to be extra careful in issuing permits conversion of natural forests to oil palm plantations  main reference in decision-making: the Decree of the Minister of Forestry. S.599/Menhut-VII/2005 dated October 12, 2005 concerning Termination / Suspension of Discharge Area JUDI BOLA, AGEN BOLA, AGEN JUDI BOLA PIALA DUNIA• Government needs to provide a clear and strict sanctions against the perpetrators of forest conversion activities were not responsible • stop the conversion of natural forests into palm oil plantations replacing natural forests with  critical land / abandoned • proper spatial planning and estate planning practices are sustainable and responsible